Government Accountability Project Asheville

Volunteer With Us

Be a part of the team that makes the Government Accountability Project happen. Here are some of the ways you can contribute your time and talent to GAP:

Agenda Analysis
The Agenda Analysis Team goes through every City Council and County Commission agenda in order to identify priority issues coming up with racial justice implications. Because these agendas come out on Wednesday evenings (County) and Fridays around noon (City), team members ideally should be able to carve out an hour or two on one or more Thursdays or Fridays each month.

Committee Watchers
Committee Watchers attend City and County Boards and Commission meetings and report back on what was discussed, with special attention to racial justice. Watchers preferably attend the same Committee’s meetings in order to cultivate a deep understanding of their work.

The Communication Team handles the majority of outgoing communications via email and social media posts. We use a collaborative writing process that includes working together to draft, review/revise, proof, and ultimately send out our communications. We currently use Action Network to send out emails and have active Instagram and Facebook accounts. We are looking for creative, collaborative folks who enjoy writing and giving and receiving feedback.

Fundraising Volunteers will assist with raising funds for GAP. Volunteers are needed to assist with the logistics and planning of events, recruiting sponsors, and coordinating with the Communications Team to design marketing and promotional materials for fundraising initiatives.

Relationship Builders
The goal of this project is to develop relationships with members of the Asheville City Council, the County Commission, and key staff members in both governments so that we can better understand them and ultimately be influential partners in decision-making.