Government Accountability Project Asheville

Volunteer With Us

Be a part of the team that makes the Government Accountability Project happen. Here are some of the ways you can contribute your time and talent to GAP:

City Council Analysis

To understand and influence local policy, we need to be tracking and analyzing the Asheville City Council. This team is responsible for identifying, and becoming familiar with, City Council conversations and decisions that are relevant to racial justice and equity. All team members contribute collaboratively and learn together in this process.

Volunteers on this team contribute in a range of ways: some read and analyze biweekly City Council meeting agendas; others watch and report back on biweekly City Council briefings and formal meetings. Team members discuss their impressions with one another, to help GAP decide about what it will educate the community and request advocacy.

Issue Analysis

Similar to the City Council Analysis Team, the Issue Analysis team keeps track of issues like education, housing, and public safety by monitoring the Boards and Commissions that oversee them. These Boards and Commissions make decisions on what gets proposed to City Council for decision-making.

Volunteers on this team (like the City Council Analysis team) review meeting agendas and transcripts and watch meetings (live or recorded), in order to highlight issues with racial justice relevance. Team members then share their impressions to help GAP decide about what it will educate the community and request advocacy. If you have an interest in a particular issue, such as health or economic development, joining this team is a great way to learn more about how local government is approaching it.  


The Communication Team handles the majority of GAP’s outgoing communications via email and social media posts. 

Volunteers on this team use a collaborative writing process that includes working together to draft, review/revise, proof, and ultimately send out our communications. We engage our community through Instagram, Facebook, and an online organizing platform called Action Network. We are looking for creative, collaborative folks who enjoy the processes of writing and giving and receiving feedback. 

Relationship Building

GAP intends to influence government decision making in the direction of racial justice and equity. This includes one-on-one relationships with elected officials to better understand the perspective of those working on the inside, and to cultivate relationships for better long-term dialogue.

Volunteers on this team reach out to and have conversations with particular government officials to follow up on specific issues and decision-making that have implications for racial justice locally. They ask questions, gain clarification, and obtain updates regarding proceedings that GAP is following and requesting advocacy for .

Tracking Equity Over Time

This is a forming initiative, dedicated to developing a deeper analysis of racial equity commitments made by both Asheville and Buncombe County. Both governments have produced various long-term vision documents and comprehensive plans, and have paid for in-depth reports like Cease the Harm and the 2023 Disparity Study. 

Volunteers on this team will support us in better understanding and summarizing these important documents, and build our capacity to track the City and County’s progress toward the goals identified within them.