Government Accountability Project Asheville

Priority Item Things to do
Green City Planning and Zoning Committee: at the latest meeting, we learned about a process that is underway to rezone 128 acres of land into “Urban Centers.” This could do a lot to increase housing affordability (by increasing requirements for affordable housing).  Read more about the most recent meeting and let committee members know that you are in favor of deeply affordable housing
Yellow Buncombe County Commission Agenda November 2 – Approval of Trust or Public Lands Feasibility Study Letter: Members of the Affordable Housing and Environmental and Energy Stewardship subcommittees have reviewed and voted to forward to the full Board of Commissioners a draft letter to the Trust for Public Lands requesting technical assistance and research on funding strategies for land conservation and affordable housing. However, there is actually no mention of affordable housing in the letter itself. Contact the Buncombe County Commissioners and ask them to explain how public housing actually plays a role in this request.
Yellow Buncombe County Health and Human Services Board: at the most recent meeting of this committee, it was reported that there are significant racial disparities in transmission of STIs. A plan was not discussed during this meeting about how to address these disparities. Contact the Health and Human Services Director (phone and email contact form at the bottom of the page) and ask what plans the County has for addressing these disparities. 
Red The City of Asheville has put out a survey to get feedback on whether the Reparations Commission nomination process is easy for community members to understand. However, the survey itself is complicated and hard to follow. Also, are we going to reach the populations most needed through an online survey? Every Black voice must be heard in this process. Have a look at the survey and encourage Black community members to fill it out. Reach out to Brenda Mills, Interim Director of the Office of Equity & Inclusion, to ask what the City’s plan is for improving the survey and engaging Black community members who don’t fill it out.
Green Things that sound like a step in the right direction
Yellow Things of concern, more information needed
Red Things that seem problematic