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Things of concern, more information needed

Asheville City Council Prepares November 2024 General Obligation (GO) Bond Referendum

In our 5/27/24 GAP Report, we raised questions about the goals for these bonds, noting that the information provided was unusually vague. “Affordable housing” can mean a range of things, as can “public safety,” and we’d like to see the City clarify what kinds of initiatives they intend to prioritize for funding. 

Our Ask

We suggested that folks email the City Manager and City Council, asking them to provide more information.




Report Back

Update 5/31/24: City Council voted 5-1 (Mosley opposing) to move forward with the proposed bond referendum. At this stage in the process, all that’s needed is a draft amount, with more details being worked out later. City Council voted for draft amounts of $20 million each for “affordable housing,” “transportation,” “parks and recreation,” and “public safety.” They didn’t respond to our advocacy efforts to provide additional clarity on what kinds of affordable housing or public safety initiatives would be included. The bond referendum process will include many steps before finalization of the City’s commitments for the funding in November. 

This process will continue to unfold over the next few months, and we’ll continue to monitor it and advocate for greater transparency and detail. 

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Recipients and Responses:

Asheville City Council and City Manager

  • City Manager Debra Campbell: No response
  • Mayor Esther Manheimer: No response
  • Vice Mayor Sandra Kilgore: No response
  • City Council Member Antanette Mosley: No response
  • City Council Member Kim Roney: No response
  • City Council Member Maggie Ullman: No response
  • City Council Member Sage Turner: No response
  • City Council Member Sheneika Smith: No response