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Things that seem problematic

Buncombe County Strategy for Deeply Affordable Housing

In the 5/20/24 GAP Report, we expressed concern about the small proportion of the Affordable Housing Service Program projects that offer deeply affordable housing. Of the 2,950 affordable homes targeted, only 200 (6%) will be for those making 30% or less of the Area Median Income (AMI); most of the housing will target those making 80% AMI. Last year’s analysis by Thrive Asheville demonstrates that this could be expected to “actually (increase) the disparity of available homes to those most in need…” which is includes most Black and Latine families.

Our Ask

We asked readers to email the County to ask if it has a strategy for offering a meaningful amount of deeply affordable housing, and if so, what it was.




At their 5/21/24 meeting, the Buncombe County Commission approved these amendments as presented and didn’t address the questions we raised. There doesn’t appear to be any additional strategy for offering a meaningful amount of deeply affordable housing.

Since the County Commission already voted on this issue, we’re not advising folks to continue advocating around this specific issue. We’ll continue monitoring this issue and share future advocacy opportunities with you.

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Recipients and Responses:

Buncombe County Commission

  • County Commissioner Brownie Newman: No response
  • County Commissioner Jasmine Beach-Ferrara: No response
  • County Commissioner Amanda Edwards: No response
  • County Commissioner Martin Moore: No response
  • County Commissioner Parker Sloane: No response
  • County Commissioner Terri Wells: No response
  • County Commissioner Al Whitesides: No response