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Buncombe County Commissioners hear presentation from Child Protection and Fatality Teams

In our 6/3/24 GAP Report we flagged an item on the Buncombe County Commission agenda, a presentation from several teams, the Community Child Protection Teams (CCPT) and the Child Fatality Prevention Team (CFPT), which review and analyze child fatalities and develop strategies for how to reduce childhood mortality. We wondered why these teams haven’t given more priority to strategies that investigate and address the fact that Black children are more than twice at risk of dying in Buncombe County than white children.

Our Ask

We asked Community members to encourage County Commissioners to ask the CCPT and CFPT folks making the presentation why they aren’t implementing any strategies that will address these racial disparities.




Report Back

Update 6/6/24: None of the County Commissioners raised this question after they received the presentation at the meeting on June 4th, 2024

GAP Supporter Actions Taken: 4

Recipients and Responses:

Buncombe County Commission

  • County Commissioner Brownie Newman: No response
  • County Commissioner Jasmine Beach-Ferrara: No response
  • County Commissioner Amanda Edwards: No response
  • County Commissioner Martin Moore: No response
  • County Commissioner Parker Sloane: No response
  • County Commissioner Terri Wells: No response
  • County Commissioner Al Whitesides: No response