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Buncombe County Determination of Critical Need for affordable housing

County staff want to move forward with a public/private partnership to establish an equitable, unified, mixed income residential community on County-owned property around the Ferry Road property, and we’re asking the Commissioners to declare a “critical need” for affordable housing in the County (which is a necessary step according to North Carolina law).

Our Ask

We asked Community members to request that the Buncombe County Commission vote in favor of this resolution, declaring affordable housing a “critical need” and proposing a plan of action to address this issue.




Report Back

Update 6/6/24: The Commissioners approved this item unanimously.

GAP Supporter Actions Taken: 4

Recipients and Responses:

Buncombe County Commission

  • County Commissioner Brownie Newman: No response
  • County Commissioner Jasmine Beach-Ferrara: No response
  • County Commissioner Amanda Edwards: No response
  • County Commissioner Martin Moore: No response
  • County Commissioner Parker Sloane: No response
  • County Commissioner Terri Wells: No response
  • County Commissioner Al Whitesides: No response