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The Asheville City Council meets this Tuesday 5/10/22 at 5 pm. You can attend the meeting in person at Harrah’s Cherokee Center, 87 Haywood Street, Asheville, NC in downtown Asheville. The full agenda is here.

There are two items that the GAP Strategy Team identified as relevant to racial justice this week.



Things that seem problematic

Manager’s Report – Update on Homelessness Initiatives

The City Manager will be presenting an update on homelesness initiatives at the City Council Meeting on 5/10/22.

We would like to have the documents/resources for this presentation ahead of time, as the city provides documentation for other presentations, reports, and public hearings. 

Things to do

We encourage you to reach out to the Asheville City Council and the City Manager via email. Suggest that the City Manager provide the corresponding documents in advance. Encourage the City Manager to provide information at the same time as the city.


Things that sound like a step in the right direction

Public hearing to consider conditional zoning of 275 Deaverview Road from RM-16 Residential Multi-Family High Density District to Residential Expansion District/Conditional Zone.

This item was previously flagged for having a limited time frame of affordability. 

We want to thank the City Council for hearing us out and for ensuring that all 82 units (100%) will be designated affordable in perpetuity.

Things to do

We encourage you to reach out to the Asheville City Council via email. Express gratitude and thanks for hearing us out and encourage them to continue considering affordability in perpetuity for future housing zoning projects.