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Asheville Housing Authority proposes closure of Southside Community Farm

In the 4/15/24 GAP Report, we drew your attention to the potential closure of the Southside Community Farm (SCF) by the Housing Authority for the City of Asheville (HACA), in order to build a playground and “protect” the Arthur R. Edington Education and Career Center.

We made a case, citing SCF and other local community supporters, that we think HACA’s reasoning understates and undermines the value of this essential resource to the establishment of Black food sovereignty in Asheville and its benefits to Black neighbors and the larger community.

Our Ask

We encouraged the HACA Board to listen to community members, and we encouraged you to sign SCF’s petition and support their efforts to preserve their farm and its valuable contributions to Black neighbors and the larger community.

Please see the GAP Report for 4/15/24 for more details about this issue and how you can advocate with us.




The HACA Board met on Wednesday, April 24th, but the proposed closure of Southside Community Farm was taken off the agenda and not discussed. A huge crowd turned out in support of the Farm, so many that a lot of people couldn’t get into the auditorium due to fire regulations. One observer estimated that between 200 and 300 people showed up. We will let you know as we hear of further developments or requests for support from Farm leaders.

GAP Supporter Actions Taken: Unknown

The Southside Community Farm petition we asked GAP supporters to sign had 2083 signatures when we released our report, and has 28920 as of April 29th. GAP supporters likely contributed to this increase.